For over 30 years the staff and management have assisted average citizens acquire lease rights on public lands.   The purpose of which has over that time, remained the same.

  That is to sell their lease rights to oil companies for the purpose of exploration and development.  These companies often pay sizable up-front cash bonuses for attractive parcels.  In addition as the royalty holder you retain royalty rights on all future oil and gas production.

  Our company makes it easy, fun and affordable to participate in all of this.  We maintain an exclusive database – developed over 30 years – that give us an indication of important trends. This includes production information,  sales data along with what oil companies are doing what and where in today’s oil patch.

  All of this comes together in a comprehensive yet easy to understand format for our clients so they remain informed and updated as to what is transpiring in the various lease counties.

  We are always available to assist in any way we can.  Our trained and competent staff prides themselves on our dedication to 100% total customer satisfaction.

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